A Synopsis of Batman vs Superman Plot

After the launch of the brand new Batman/Superman Movie in 2015, the best blockbuster theme for this summer is exposed but what is it really? Continue reading here and get to know much more about the batman vs superman plot!

Batman vs Superman Plot

The plot is not yet out officially, however, there are a few things which we can easily assert regarding the film and here are those important points:

The film can be portrayed on a couple of perspectives:

Batman Vs. Superman: This is exactly what the audience is actually expecting ever since the announcements and additionally people are desperate to see these two popular characters together on a single screen fighting since this has been a debatable topic between lots of youngsters for many years that in case there is a combat between the two, then who is going to emerge as victorious? And also, that Christian Bale have made the character of Batman epic that people want to see him once again as Batman.

Or the film might be the other way around, since there are several conjectures that Superman and Batman will team up together to combat the incoming threat collectively and, this time, it is certain that Superman would not be capable of handling it himself!

Lex Luthor is going to team up with Mr. Freeze and attack Earth, so now both Batman and Superman will battle against them.

Lex Luthor is going to come with Kryptonite for fighting against The Man of Steel however that kryptonite is not going to work against Batman and, therefore, here comes his Utility!

The film may also feature Poison Ivy and possibly Jason Todd too.

Now, we will focus on the biggest query that comes up in relation to this film. Christian Bale may no longer play the role of Batman and, therefore, the question is:

“Who is going to play the Batman?”

Some assert that Christian Bale might return in this film; however, he has made it absolutely clear that he won’t come back and furthermore this has been declared officially by Warner Bros. This is definitely not a great news for the Dark Knight Trilogy followers.

Apart from this, the entire new cast is going to come forward as the Batman Team.

There also has been speculation that Christian Bale was actually offered a whopping $50 million for the role of Batman but he did not accept this offer.

Joseph Gordon Lewitt might be considered for the role of Batman in future including Justice League since he ultimately became Batman at the conclusion of The Dark Knight Rises.