Blade and Soul – A Game From The East – Gameplay Review

Blade and Soul is a Massively Multiplayer Combat game developed by South Korean game development company NCSOFT. The game was originally released in Korea in 2012 and following a wide fan base is now released to the western territories for the Microsoft Windows platform.

Blade and Soul gameplay review

Blade and Soul gameplay consists of Korean martial arts combat set in an open world platform and played in a Third Person perspective. The game uses Unreal Engine 3 to deliver stunning graphics and has staggering amount of character customization by allowing the player to create their character’s looks & choose from 5 different clans of people with special abilities.

Blade and Soul gives players the experience of both taking on the environment and other players over the internet. The Player Versus Environment events help the player to get used to the combat controls and build the character abilities which will eventually end up in the player encountering Player Versus Player situations.

The combat involves straight attacks, combos and special abilities based on our character customization (each of the 5 different types of clans have different abilities). An added feature similar to Halo is that if you can avoid getting blows, you can regenerate your depleted health over a period of time.
The online experience is very good as long as we are playing against individual players but gets diluted once we participate in group events as taking part in it involves the player putting on the uniform of any one of the factions. If you decide to get out of the event all you need to do is go back to your original costume.

The game looks and feels a lot like the Final Fantasy series where you need to learn the combat systems and grow your ranking & reputation.

The game also has a Arena mode where you can directly have a Player Versus Player event, which is even more better than the Open World MMO mode.

You will have to build your gear to get better outcomes in the Arena mode. 

This is a free game but the catch is that you have to pay to get special abilities which will help you increase your skills quickly and unlock a lot of new gear.

This does not mean that you will not be competitive with out getting these paid power ups. You can still be competitive but the rate at you progress will significantly increase if you have these power ups.

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