Do I need iPad Pro? Read This iPad Pro Key Features Before You Buy

Designed with professionals as the primary goal, the iPad Pro is actually Apple’s method of reaching new customers as the sales of iPads, particularly tablets, drop. The iPad Pro is definitely the biggest as well as the most powerful iPad produced by Apple so far and the company, to an extent, desires to swap your laptop with this particular product. In this post, we are going to reveal the Ipad Pro key features.


iPad Pro happens to be the biggest iPad that Apple has ever introduced. It is much bigger compared to the new MacBook! And in addition, it’s just as stunning. Having a 12.9 inch Retina display screen, iPad Pro offers an exclusively simple but impressive experience.

Do not be overawed by the big screen. Although it is 78% bigger than iPad Air 2, it certainly isn’t weighty or bulky. At just 1.57 pounds and also 6.9mm in width, the aluminum body seems reassuringly strong in your hand. This might even make you think that your other Apple gadgets are way too small.

ipad pro key features

iOS 9

A larger device indicates an even bigger operating system. It’s as if iOS 9 was actually manufactured for iPad Pro. All of the new features function flawlessly on iPad Pro. Multitasking is simpler than ever before – Split View, Slide Over, and Picture in Picture appear awesome. The blend of iPad Pro along with iOS 9 results in a remarkably effective as well as innovative experience.


This is most probably the best thing about iPad Pro. You may use it as an iPad. You might as well use it as a laptop or a computer. Or you may utilize it as both! iPad Pro is large enough for you to include a keyboard and thus you have got yourself a wonderful brand new computer.

The keyboard is lightweight; it is foldable as well as extremely resilient. It is sleek looking and is also an ideal match for iPad Pro.

You Are Able To Draw On It

You may also draw on the gadget. Of course, you will need an Apple Pencil for this! If you are creative, or even if you are not, this is guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing. You could be as detailed as you would like with an Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. You can draw, write, or even doodle – the choice is entirely yours.

iPad Pro has exceeded our expectations and will exceed yours too. The gadget starts at only $799 and is available at all the leading stores now.