Game of Thrones : Jon Snow Season 6 – The Theory

After the Shocking and distressful end of the fifth season fans were held in blank suspense after the death of Jon Snow, Season 6 brings new hope as the poster reveals a photo of Jon Snow looking bloodstained but still alive. After he has shown to be stabbed by his faithful brothers of the night watch, a wave of discussions and theories grew among the fans about the resurrection of Jon Snow.
Though it remains unknown some theories suggest that Melisandre will resurrect Snow and in the process a fraction of his soul will be lost. Some Sort of magic is obviously expected as he has stabbed multiple times by his fellow Night Watch Guards.

The reason for these growing arguments and theories is yet another theory which suggests that Jon Snow is too important to die as he is the Rightful King.

Jon Snow Season 6

Jon Snow The Rightful King Theory:

There has always been mystery in the secrecy of Jon Snows parents, although he is suggested to be Ned Stark’s Bastard son till season 5, some fans already know that Jon Snow belongs to a royal bloodline and is the son of Raegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. The theory further unfolds, Lyanna who was initially going to marry Robert Baratheon was not really kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen but instead had been in love with him and they also had a son who she secretly gave birth to. This Son was Jon Snow, with Targaryen blood in him it is understood that he is a Dragon and a relative of Daenerys Targaryen. 
The theory also suggest that Lyanna was not murdered but she had died while giving birth to Jon Snow, and knowing the wrath of Robert Baratheon she made her brother swear to raise Jon as his own to protect real identity.

Another argument that arises from this is that Jon is now known to be a dragon which means that he can be reborn with fire. As we all may know in Game of Thrones dragons do not burn according to what has been shown about the Mother of Dragons, now after Jon is viciously killed by his own fellow night watch members, as they burn dead bodies to stop them from becoming undead they will also burn his body and some fans believe that even this could be the way Jon Snow is resurrected because he carries the Blood of The Dragon and will be reborn.