Hashtag #PrayforParis for Paris Bombing

Following a series of extremely well-coordinated terror attacks, more than 150 have reportedly been killed. Fear and panic has paralyzed the French capital. According to official reports, over 118 people who were held at the Bataclan theatre in a hostage situation were massacred by a suicide bomber. The extent to which the terror was well planned is very clear after 11 other people were shot at the Cambodian restaurant. Preliminary reports claimed that approximately 200 people are being nursed of their injuries. 80 of terror attack victims have serious injuries.

Four of the terrorists were killed in the Bataclan theatre. Three of them died by their own bombs, one was gunned down by the police. During the siege, four police officers were killed.

Five miles from the theatre, suicide bombers deactivated there bombs outside the Stade de France. At the time of the bombing, a match between France and Germany was being played. The panic caused was of a monstrous magnitude as fans hurriedly left the stadium. Another terrorist blew himself up on a street in eastern Paris. This is the worst attack that has hit France since World War II.

The world has received the news with shock and social media is awash with condolence messages. As a result, hashtag #PrayforParis and #porteouverte are top trends across the globe.

On the other hand, the ISIS has claimed responsibility of the attack. Even before the news of the attack spread across the world, the group was already creating hashtags like “Paris in flames”. Within minutes of the initial gunfire and explosions that killed about 140 people, the ISIS extremists started celebrating the well-coordinated and sophisticated attacks.

Hollande, the French President, describing the attacks as of “unprecedented magnitude”, declared France in a state of emergency, closed the country’s borders are imposed a curfew. The president said the terrorist attacks can be compared to a “horror”. Paris is yet to heal from the Charlie Hebdo attacks that occurred in January. With a fresh memory of the January attack, the new attacks have set the city in mayhem.

Across the world, newspapers have described the attack as a carnage. A number of British newspapers wrote headlines like “Terror In Paris” and “Carnage In Paris”. The Guardian could not resist calling the story, “Horror returns to Paris”. One cannot fail to see how monstrous the attacks were. A way forward is yet to be discussed. But the nation might just concentrate on toning down the panic before going ahead with a decisive solution.



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