How To Get Class 3 Firearms License

Most of those who want to begin a business dealing with firearms may not be aware of the forms they are required to submit for purposes of licensing, particularly if the firearms they want to deal with fall within Class III National Firearms Act (NFA) weapons or Title II Firearms under the Act. These include short-barreled rifles, automatic weapons, short-barreled shot guns, destructive devices, machine guns and some accessories (such as suppressors). All these items listed in the NFA are popularly referred to as class 3 firearms. The law requires that interested parties should obtain class 3 license from the federal government and complete the other documentation related occupational tax for those items which fall under the NFA.

class 3 license

It’s important to note that the process is tedious and will take your money and time, but you can complete the required paperwork if you follow this guide.

  1. Complete ATF Form 7.

Also known as ATF form 5310.12, this is the form you apply for Federal Firearm License. The 18-page form covers various topics relating to how you want to run and operate the business of selling firearms. This form covers wide range of information such as Employer Identification number and hours of operation for the business, and criminal record information for the owner. The fee payable for this license varies depending on the type of Federal Firearm License (FFL) you are applying.

  1. Complete ATF form 5330.20.

This form is basically a compliance certification attesting to the applicant’s status as permanent resident alien or citizen of the U.S.

  1. Complete FD-258 cards.

These are cards for fingerprint identification. You are required to take them to law enforcement agency at your local area to have them prepared. For each person responsible for the firearms sale business such as partner, sole proprietor, or any other person involved in management, two FD-258 cards must be completed.

  1. Submit two photos.

For each person who completes the cards for fingerprint identification, two 2”x2” photos must be submitted. These photos can be taken in any place where official passport photos are also taken.

  1. In-person Interview with IOI (Industry Operations Investigator).

After filing and processing of your fees, the ATF field office that has jurisdiction over the location you want to set up your business will schedule interview with IOI. This officer will check to ensure that the information you have provided is correct and current. The interview will also cover the local and state requirements in the area where your business will be based, such as zoning ordinances applicable to your business.

When done with all the above requirements, you will have to wait for about 60 days before you receive your license.