Interesting Theories on Rey Skywalker

The Star Wars sequel trilogy has got a new protagonist. The previous Star Wars trilogies have always had a Skywalker as the lead character. This simple fact explains the speculation of Rey being a Skywalker. To fan’s delight the name Rey Skywalker has a ring to it. The theories surrounding the Star Wars universe about Rey, goes down to two simple questions. Firstly, is Rey a Skywalker? Secondly, is she the daughter of Luke Skywalker? Only logic has value in any cult movie fan-base.

Rey Skywalker

Who is Rey?
Rey was left on the planet Jakku as a kid. Rey scavenges ship parts for a living in Jakku. Upon meeting stormtrooper Finn, she becomes involved in Resistance conflict against mighty First Order.

Is she a Skywalker?
Rey has an amazing control of Force, even when she doesn’t seem very much trained. Both Luke and Anakin had incredible presence of Force as noted by Kenobi. She had a troubled childhood, much similar to other Skywalkers.

Five reasons Rey is Luke’s daughter:

  1. Luke’s lightsaber calls out exclusively for Rey. Upon touching it, Rey can see the past of Luke including the duel with Vader as well as her own past and future.
  2. When Kylo Ren gets inside Rey’s head, he can see the island where Rey finds Luke. There are similar telepathic hints throughout the sequel trilogy.
  3. R2D2 didn’t wake up until Rey visited the Resistance base. It was waiting for her, to lead her to Luke. Rey being Luke’s daughter is the only possible explanation to this moment.
  4. The name Luke in general means light. Rey, pronounced as ray does relate to light as well. If you think it’s just coincidence, subtlety isn’t part of JJ Abrahams works.
  5. Rey, without much admiration to Millennium Falcon, calls is “Garbage’. Luke’s description of the ship, “a piece of junk” isn’t much different.

More theories surrounding Rey…
Kylo being Rey’s sibling…
Kylo can be the re-imagined Jacen Solo who would turn out to be the brother of Rey. In this case Rey would be the daughter of Leia and thus remain Rey Skywalker. If it can’t be star wars without “I am your father” line, the cute Leia-Luke type sibling concept wouldn’t hurt too.

Is she a Kenobi?
Rey uses Jedi mind tricks with same level as Obi Wan Kenobi. Both Obi Wan Kenobi and Rey have similar accent (English to our earth ears). Obi Wan had 19 years of non-Jedi life to have had a family or child while Luke seemed to be a Jedi all his life.

Since star wars isn’t based on a book, we have to wait and see which theories turn out true.