Paris Safe Travel Tips After Paris Attack

Statistically Paris has been rated as one of the safest cities in the world. This is why the hub tops in the number of visitors it gets compared to other cities. Still, even the safest cities can be unsafe at times thus the need to always be careful in the event that the unexpected happens-like it did just the other day, leaving over a hundred dead. As the saying goes, no one ever got hurt by being careful, so the next times you go on a tour in Europe, kindly observe the following Paris safe travel tips.

Be Insured

Having travel insurance as a tourist in present day Paris an advantage. Make sure that your insurance is up-to-date and has an option for health coverage. In the event that you have not used insurance before, purchase one at the time you are getting your travel ticket.

Stay informed

Keep yourself up-to-date with what is going on the city. Watch news, heed warnings and safety advice issued. You do not want to walk into trouble while enjoying your tour. By staying informed you get to know and avoid any place where your safety might be threatened. Stay away from red flagged areas, places where terror attacks are taking place or possible target areas.

Paris Safe Travel

Keep important contacts with you

In the unfortunate event of running into trouble while in Paris, know what to do. Have one or two reliable contacts. These can either be your country’s embassy contact details -in the event that you’ve lost your travel documents or the contact of a close friend or the hotel where you are staying. This will ensure that you are rescued each time you need help.

Know Your Way

Keep addresses of important places like hospitals or pharmacies close to you. Know the location of the closest hospital in case you need medical attention. Also know where you can get an over- the-counter pharmacist where medicine is available. By thinking ahead, you get to give yourself first aid before any kind of help reaches you.

Plan Ahead

One of the top Paris safe travel tips involves the sixth sense of planning ahead. If you want to go to a certain museum for example, check the time they open and their closing time as well. If your plans involve the use of the train to get somewhere, get familiar with its schedule. Don’t let time confuse you, be at the right place at the right time.