Pokémon and Xenoblade Chronicles New Footage on Nintendo Direct November 2015 Live Stream

Nintendo announced its new release of first Nintendo direct, latest games and news to come on as from Thursday. This came as a surprise to all Nintendo fans after the sudden death of Nintendo Direct CEO Satoru Iwata at the age of 55 on July 11th. With his passing on the future of the company seemed bleak but has however turned with new releases that will be aired as on Nov 12, even though no details have been released. With the whole release shrouded in mystery Nintendo fans can only speculate on what is to be expected. Howver fans can expect something new, something that they havent gotten a chance to experience yet.The most outstanding is the fact that there won’t be any new partnership talks with DeNA, thus there won’t be any venturing into mobile gaming market with this new releases. This comes about as earlier talks had established that there won’t be any Nintendo mobile games “Miitomo” or its next generation NX console gaming talks until 2016. With already what not to expect already, so what should be expected with the Nintendo Direct November 2015 Live Stream?

The first speculation that has cut cross is the release of “Fire Emblem Fates” and “Bravely Second“ which are anticipated to be announced anytime. However the all-time favorite expected is new information on the Metroid Federation Force for Nintendo 3D, which according to direct website more updates will be released soon. Another expectation is the release of the 2015 holiday games. This however is expected to be pushed and released in the early 2016 new releases. In addition to that when it comes to “Super Smash Bros” fans should expect huge updates, as there will be an introduction in both characters and new stages. This is in addition to the new downloadable version is expected to be released. This is even with the fact that balloting by fans was closed and at first unlikely but with characters such as shovel knight and professor Layton already out, hopes are high.

main-wiiu-logoWith Nintendo Direct November 2015 Live Stream Star Fox Zero expected in the package, this will be pushed to early 2016 due to production delays being experienced. In this regard only the first working game exists with more updates to follow and hopefully a definite release date.

On the other hand the two biggest statements that will hopefully be released to the public is the introduction of new footage for Pokémon, Xenoblade Chronicles and Ultra smash all for Mario Tennis. However with the fact that Pokémon usually gets its own Nintendo direct release, the only other two fans hope for is Xenoblade Chronicles and Ultra smash. With more updates and other information on new releases and delays expected, you can always watch out for updates here as the only reliable Nintendo Direct page. Still with no definite details of what to expect in the Nintendo Direct November 2015 Live Stream as updates are still being kept secrets, fans just have to wait and see. In the meantime by keeping checking on live steam as they appear as from Nov 12 beginning as from 2 p.m., PST (5 p.m. EST)



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