Raw Vegan Diet: Pros and Cons

Raw diet is something which is attracting attention of most of the leading dieticians from all over the world. Raw Vegan diet is something in which you consume all the uncooked food that is heated for not more than 140 degrees. Most of these raw food diet is based extensively on fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts amongst other components. Raw vegan diet is considered very good for weight loss and overall maintenance of your body, but is this diet really as good as everyone claims it to be? Lets find out

Fresh vegetables and fruits at a farmer's market

Fresh vegetables and fruits at a farmer’s market


Raw Vegan diet is mainly concentrated on vegetables, nuts and fruits which are all very rich source of healthy nutrients. Uncooked vegetables and fruits also retain a lot of water absorbable vitamins that will get lost if the food is cooked.

With Raw Vegan diet you will be also avoiding unhealthy fried and baked food. Avoiding unhealthy baked and fried food will make sure that you will loose your weight and stay in good shape.

Raw Vegan food cleanses your body which is a very powerful tool that breaks old tissues and clears out digestive backlog which sets the stage for growth of body. Most of the raw food diet contains high source of alkaline which rests the body and flushes toxins and waste products.

Many dieticians who advocate raw food believes that if a person is on raw vegan diet, they he will have a very good respect towards nature. They believe that out of all the animals living in the world, human is the only one who cooks the food prior to eating and this habit to provide heat to the food before eating has lead to reduced life in humans. They also believe that this is the prime reason as to why we humans and our pets, who eat cooked food are the only species with various health issues like cancer, genetic diseases and diabetics.


Cooking the food Is very essential to boost the digestion process. Cooking also boosts the antioxidant lycopene which is a natural red pigment that is found in tomatoes and other red food. Vegan food is also very poor source of iron, zinc, Vitamin D and Vitamin B 12, so to fulfil this requirement you may need to take external pulls of all these nutrients. Many studies have claimed that more than 40% of the people who were on vegan diet were deficient in vitamin B12. Eating raw vegan diets and dairy products also increases many food borne illness.