Star Wars Party Supplies for Birthday You Can’t Do Without

Blast off to the Star Wars universe where the Clone Wars are about to heat up. But before you go, stock up on some Star Wars party supplies because the celebration your about to launch will attract an entire planet.

Your mission is easy if you select the Star Wars Clone Wars Deluxe Pack. There are 8 Star Wars invitations for the heroes you want to summon. Once they arrive, let them know they have reached the secret rendez-vous with some Obi-Wan or Yoda Mylar balloons.

Once everyone sits down beneath the dozens of other balloons, they can rest their weary traveler’s arms on a genuine Star Wars tablecover. All the Star Wars plates, cups, and napkins have been laid out. The Star Wars Cake Topper is in place and the Jango Fett Stand-Up keeps watch to make sure no one gets too rowdy.

For extra Star Wars party stuff to feed that army, select the Feel the Force Add-On Pack. It provides extra cups, plates, and everything else you need. If you have any trouble getting your rowdy warriors to settle down you can don your Darth Vader Adult Costume. With your Blue Jedi Light Saber at the ready you are prepared to tackle anything.

To reward all the good behavior, hand out some spectacular Star Wars Favor Boxes. There’s a Darth Vader mask for everyone who needs to sneak into the Imperial Palace in disguise. There’s a disc-launcher and a miniature light saber in case they run into some Storm Troopers. They can mark the trail for those who follow behind with the sticker sheet featuring many of the terrific villains from the films.

Now it’s time for the Darth Vader Pinata! At 11″ high, in the shape of Vader’s helmut, it will hold a ton of things. But will they be from the villainous Vader or the Anakin Skywalker Vader? Pull the string and find out. Then watch all the Clone Wars toys and candy fall through space.

To get some of the toys and candy, every rebel will need to display the secret sign: a Star Wars tattoo. They are easy to wash off so you won’t have to worry about the Emperor finding out. Let each little warrior choose his or her own and the troops will be ready for the next mission.

Let your birthday boy or girl lead the mission in an Anakin Skywalker costume. With light saber at the ready, there’s only time for a few instructions and a short inspiring speech. Then it’s off to fight the Emperor. Or, to open some presents.