The Evolution Google Doodle – Oldest Homid Discovered in 1973

Today marks a historical day in the life of human evolution. 41 years ago, on November 24th scientist discovered the remains of a female homid belonging to the Australopithecus afarensis. She was named Lucy and research found out that she lived in Ethiopia more than 3.2 million years ago. Evolution Google doodle today shows her walking upright in the Google icon, Lucy brought light to what will later lead to more speculations of this human like homid. What shocked researcher is that 40% of her skeleton was still intact, something that will hardly happen since majority of other discovered remains usually have incomplete parts.

41 years down the line, Lucy remains an iconic figure to be celebrated. She has been very active in recent years in the minds of many scientists as they try to find out much of information leading to why she remained intact even after million of years. She is the most famous fossil who was ever discovered by paleoanthropologist Donald Carl together with his team. Today Google doodle has been very innovative in showcasing the evolution of human species. She is seen walking and this simply indicates the evolution of apes to stable walking humans. This marls a great respect to where we came from and this shows how innovation and great technology in the internet world can easily influence the society.

Evolution Google Doodle

Research indicates that her cause of death has never been unearthed. She was short and played major role in her time in life. The homid has been the subject of discussion in the current times especially today as we celebrate her 41st anniversary. She holds more to the human race than just history. Google has been very instrumental in making great anniversary of people or events that had great impact in the world and today is just but a special day in our lives as long as our evolution is concerned. Ethiopians hold great connection with this specie that placed their country to a great level of human discoveries in the world. Lucky still lives in Ethiopia and she has been assembled and packed together in a private museum to showcase the world about her astute that surpassed human understanding to this day.

Let’s all celebrate her life and the role she plays in the modern world. You can learn more about her and celebrate this day to honor her. It’s time to Google her and lean more than you ever thought.