Top 5 Radio Sites Keeping Smooth Jazz Alive

The amazing Smooth Jazz genre rose from Jazz and is a fine mixture of rock n roll, pop, blues and funk. This genre was played on radio in the past and was immensely loved by people until recently, its popularity started declining. Around 2007 , this style was abandoned by many radio stations . What was highly popular in 1990s and 2000s is today regarded as old school and out of fashion in music. But the lovers of Smooth jazz can be happy that at least there favorite format is still available online. There are many online Smooth Jazz radio stations who still stream Smooth jazz and the best ones among them have been listed below.

Smooth Jazz Radio

1) – This is an internet radio broadcasting network where human beings can easily chose to listen to hundreds of curated stations made by people throughout the world. It was found in 1981 and offers a wide range of music ranging from Rock to Gospel. It is also one of the best provider of Smooth jazz from among hundreds of unique human powered radio stations. It also provides users with personalized recommendations so that they can explore more and more music.

2) – Tunein was found as Radio Time in Dallas in 2002. It has over one lakh broadcast stations and is available on over 200 devices including Androids, iOS, Windows etc. It lists local choices on the top . It provides not only your favorite Smooth jazz and other genres here but also sports, talk and music. For this reason it has partnered with numerous companies.

3) – This independent radio property was found in 2000. It grosses over one million listeners in a month. Accuradio even works with great radio personalities like Barbara Prieto, Tommy Edwards and Steve Cochran. This website specializes in providing workout music. In the smooth jazz category, it provides over a dozen channels to choose from. Pep up your mood with smooth jazz renditions on Accuradio during your workouts .

4) – Jazzradio is a French based radio station which broadcasts around 45 frequencies throughout France. This website should be your personal favorite because it excels exclusively in jazz though some other genres like Blues, Funk, Latin , Groove, Swing and Gospel are also available.

5) – This radio platform is owned by IHeartMedia Inc. IHeartRadio aggregates audios from over 800 local IHeartMedia radio stations throughout the United States. It was launched in 2008 and today , it serves more than a million users. It is available for anyone residing in US, Australia or New Zealand. It is one among the few platforms which offer Smooth jazz.

In todays time, people getting addict to smooth jazz maybe a rare case scenario but its ardent followers from the past still make sure that these online radio broadcasting websites receive over a lakh of user base for this particular category itself.