Top 5 Star Wars Name Generator Websites

This is a list of the top 5 star wars name generator websites available today on the Internet. Some of them were easy to find, but a couple of them took some digging to come up with. If you are trying to come up with names and coming up with nothing, look no further than these top 5 Star Wars name generator websites. These sites are not ranked in any particular order, but simply grouped one through five.

Star Wars Name Generator

  1. RPG Gamer is a website dedicated to RPG games and it has a cool name generator feature specifically for Star Wars. It starts the form with a set of two questions: Species and Gender. Then you simply hit the button and it generates a cool name for you to use in your Star Wars adventures. No thinking required.

  1. Fantasy Name Generators

Fantasy name generators has numerous types of name generators for Star Wars. This Star Wars name generator website has one generator for the Old Republic, the Zabrak name generator. There is also a Mirialan Star Wars name generator page as well. You can also check out a human name generator page as well. So, whatever species you are, you can choose a different portal for your Star Wars name generator.


This is a hugely popular Star Wars name generator and the evidence is clear from all of the other sites on the Internet that link to it when you reference the term, “Star Wars name generator website”. The site is built specifically for Star Wars characters, with a custom Star Wars theme layout of the website. On the form, you can choose from generating a random name or one from your own name. You can choose your gender or be gender-neutral even.

  1. has a page dedicated to a Star Wars name generator. On this site’s form, you simply choose from Male, Female or Neuter/No Preference. Choose a display preference: Regular or Printer Friendly. You can choose from 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 names to be generated from this Star Wars name generator.

  1. NameGnerator.Biz

NameGenerator.Biz has a page for generating Star Wars names as well. This random generator can generate more than 15,000 different Star Wars names for you, with a few clicks. This one is by far the most simple. You simply click one button labeled, “generate names” to get a list of names to choose from.