What does the PlayStation Network being Down Mean for You?

Over the past 24 hours, there have been hundreds of reports of the PlayStation network down. Many are reporting problems when signing in, having their access denied and making it impossible to register new accounts. The most common and basic problem seems to be the inability to sign in at all to accounts.

PlayStation network down

Without this access, it becomes impossible to use the PlayStation network, making online games and other services unavailable. Others are able to still sign in, but are facing issues connecting to the servers, with random disconnects, entry failures, or remote shuffling of their online profiles. Even those not interested in playing multiplayer games have stated problems, as access to the PlayStation store is also denied with the network being down. This can limit the amount of games that are available to a user, as they no longer have access to games purchased through the PlayStation store including older games from previous generations like the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2. 

With some of these problems stemming back for weeks, what does it mean for you? If you’re one of those having connection issues, being in the know of what’s going on is an important first step. There are many sites that monitor the status of the PlayStation network, so that you could see if this is a larger problem in the network. This can help indicate to you if this is a large scale outage, or something more localized.

There are sites that will also track outages in specific areas, so you can also see if that’s what is going on. Even if the problem isn’t wide spread, there are plenty of sites that also track complaints about the PlayStation network and possible outages. Finding others that are also experiencing issues is a good step, as it helps eliminate the possibility of a problem on your end. 

Once you’ve determined the nature of the PlayStation network outage, you can take the next step in getting something done. Alerting Sony of the problems you’re experiencing is always important as that can give them a better idea of what is going on in their network. It also puts the responsibility on their end since it is their network that is down and not your internet. This gives you a greater power as a consumer to get results done and demand the service that you are paying for. Whatever the situation, knowledge is the first step in getting something done, so knowing the situation with their network puts you on the path to a solution that works for you.