What is Fashion Forward Really Mean?

This is the question people sometime asked from you and I think your answer never satisfy them. If I ask this question to you, do you know what is the actual mean of this term? Did you ever try to find out its actual mean so far? When first time I hear that word in a conversation. I did not understand what is this idiot talking about than I searched on it and found some useful from people’s reviews on it and article wrote about this topic. In this article we try to find out the actual meaning of that word. 

Some people says that this word nothing more than an empty term, because if you observe the collection of this year you will that nothing is changes all design are similar to last year collection .

I noted that people try to impose this phrase to those wearings that touches the today’s fashion trend but I think there is a small difference. This term to me are the clothes that touche the human’s ideal state of art can be consider as fashion forward. For example McQueen’s work as well as Victor&Rolf. 


For me fashion forward rely on time. If a painter have introduced his new chain of paintings in market and another painter have decided to design the same thing after them people will never notice his product because these designs are old for their ideal minds. Their minds have moved on to some new better design. Clothing are also same as this example.

But imagine sometime it also happens to you that you see a design and that is old for but you still have interest on it. This thing happens many of us so far. What can you say about this type of thinking? Can we add fashion forward there? I think not, because these are in minority level and when we talk about in the field of fashion then we are talking about majority not minority and also fashion is always designed on the base of majority trends. These miner group of people are have old mind some people call them conservative. But these thinking for me is not consider in fashion forward.

Thats all are my thoughts you can disagree from me, but if you disagree then there is question for all of us that do we really know the actual meaning of this word? Or is it really have a meaning or just an empty term?