What You Need to Know When Ordering from Party Rental Companies

If you are organizing a party, you may safely conclude rentals are inevitable. It would be interesting to see someone buying a tent for their wedding or birthday party. Tables and chairs may also be needed whatever the occasion. In this article, we look at some of the challenges you could face when trying to hire a rental company. You’ll be in a better position to anticipate obstacles and avoid them altogether.


Items need to be booked early enough before the event. If you book too late you may fail to get the exact items that you want. They may either be completely unavailable or in inadequate quantities. You need to give yourself at least two weeks before the event to be sure.

On the flipside, you also need to be careful not to book too early. You may need to make last minute changes to your plans. You shouldn’t book before you finalize plans for major aspects of your event. Remember, you often pay a nonrefundable deposit that can be as high as 40%. Therefore cancelling a booking is equivalent to wasting money.


Venues often will provide certain things like tables, tents and chairs. This can pose a problem. Many people fail to double check the number of tables and chairs at the event. The chairs, tables and tents may not be enough for your event.

If these items are not available in the venue, you need to ensure that you find out the cost of hiring them as soon as possible. The cost should be factored in the budget early on. Tents and chairs will take up a good percentage of your budget.

Another thing you need to pay attention to, is the state of the tables and chairs. If you’ll be using the tables and chairs you find at the venue, you may want to consider whether they’ll need to be covered. You may need table cloths and chair covers. Some of the furniture you’ll find at the venue may not be in a very good state.

Installation and Set up

You need to choose rental companies with very qualified personnel. In the past, there have been cases of tent installations falling. In extreme cases, tents set up under an electric power grid have caused serious accidents. You can avoid this by choosing companies with a proven track record and highly trained staff.

It is always a good idea to have even tables and chairs set up by the hiring company. Some companies can charge as little as $1 per table cloth to do this. This makes it faster to set up. You’ll avoid last minute rush since their personnel are trained and experienced in these types of set ups.


You need a clear agreement between the company to avoid any legal problems in future. The agreement or contract should be in writing. This should include everything that you have agreed on up to the point where you signed up for the services. Many rental companies have a website that has an FAQ section that captures their policy on rentals. Read through these policies to get a feel of what to expect from the agreement. For example, you need to be clear on what would happen in case their equipment fails. The more information that is captured on the contract, the more you’ll avoid serious misunderstandings.

Finally, it is better to have a clear plan before you even start looking for a rental company. You may need to set up a deadline for RSVP, so that you don’t lose money from cancelled bookings. If you start with a good plan, the rest is quite easy to follow through.

Written by Lindsey Rentals. Lindsey Rentals offers the best party rentals in Columbia, MO.