Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Review

There have been a lot of changes and updates done to the Xbox gaming experience, most of which appear irreconcilable with the previous console. Xbox One is a current generation gaming rig by Microsoft, which has been undergoing a lot of changes to make it the best console game over other competitors.

The backward compatibility update is a new feature added to the Xbox One games. The new feature is set to change the game and make Microsoft Xbox the prime console on the gaming scale. The backward compatibility enables you to play the ancient original play station games provided you have the original disc. What is impressive with this upgrade is the fact that it is being added after the game has already been released. Therefore instead of upgrading the old games to work on the Xbox One, the console will upgrade itself for it to work with the old games.

The features of this upgrade include getting old games on the system with the entire layout being replaced. Furthermore, being powered by windows 10 makes it possible to get access to friends invites and messages right on the system. In addition, there will be a media hub and a revamped store making it possible to stream games from the Xbox One program to the windows 10 PC. This will create a completely different console.


More games are scheduled to come to the Xbox One backward compatibility program along a complete overhaul of the program’s operating system. The first games will cover marquee games, with more new releases being added every month. Furthermore, the free Xbox 360 games with gold titles will also be backward compatible on the Xbox One which will allow more games to be added. Many of the games will come from Microsoft’s own library even though it will feature games from third party publishers such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Disney and Sega.

The goal of Microsoft while making this update is to cover the whole library of Xbox 360 games. Apart from running, each game will tap to the social features that any player would like to use on the games including the live streaming, recording as well as screenshot sharing.

Once the update is complete, the Xbox One will open the emulator as usual when a supported Xbox 360 game is started on the machine. The game will work normally as if it is running on the Xbox 360. All the features and aspects of the 360 game will also be available. Furthermore, the new features of the Xbox One will also work efficiently such as the recording, streaming, sharing the game and taking screen grabs.

What is more exciting with this update is the fact that the backwards compatibility is offered for free, such that you are not supposed to pay anything provided you have a supported game. This is an advantage over the competitors which went for a paid route to get the update. The compatibility works with all digital contents as well as the disc games.All Xbox One consoles will receive a notification message to get a download of the game in case the game would not have updated by itself to the new Xbox One experience after two weeks of release.



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